Art At The Seabird Resort

With every turn you make in our coastal estate, you’ll be greeted with art commissioned and created by inspired visionaries, nearly all from the Southern California region. Contributing to the vibrant ambiance of The Seabird is a host of distinct paintings, sculptures and installations – all curated in partnership with Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA), a cultural landmark located in the heart of Downtown Oceanside. Echoing OMA’s curatorial mission of making fresh and new art experiences accessible to the city’s local and visiting population, we are proud to have opened The Seabird, and our sister property Mission Pacific Hotel, in partnership with the museum. Within our walls, we have housed 14 unique commissioned works of art, and boast more than 280 public spaces with art featuring work from over 120 artists between both of our properties. These pieces showcase and highlight an engaging range of art representing the diverse cultural landscape of Oceanside and Southern California. Many of the commissioned pieces have a connection to sustainability, ocean conservation, and to the community in which they are displayed. We invite you to explore and enjoy each piece during your stay at The Seabird.


Located in the south facing wing of The Seabird, OMA West Gallery, a dedicated satellite space for the museum, offers a rotating curation of art selected specifically for our resort.  With every return visit you make to our property, we hope you will explore the creative iterations of local art that will be featured on a temporary basis to celebrate the active artistic life of Oceanside.

Exhibit At The Seabird – Summer From The OMA Collection


Summer isn’t just a time of year, it’s a mindset of joy, freedom, adventure, and intriguing possibilities. This peek into Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA)’s collection features bright, figurative, whimsical scenes, saturated with the vibrant colors of our sun-drenched summer days. Each work presents a figure or group of people as the main focus, with the slightly surreal environments they occupy offering visitors the opportunity to get lost in daydreams of magical summer days.
Since expanding in 2008, OMA has acquired works of art related to the Southern California region from 1900 to the present. One of the goals of the permanent collection is to document high-quality works of art that are created in, influenced by, celebratory of the greater San Diego region. This exhibition includes artwork by Sara Botts, Janet Cooling, Virginia HalsteadFred HolleAlexia MarkarianLeovigildo Martínez, and Tim McCormick.