Paint the Town: Get to know Oceanside’s art scene through bountiful galleries, museums and buzzy micro-neighborhoods.

Oceanside is where creative types go to find their mojo. The art community is woven into every neighborhood, brushed across every building and exhibited throughout The Seabird Ocean Resort & Spa at OMA West.

All year long, the destination’s dynamic arts calendar pops with vibrant exhibits and events. The creative pulse in Oceanside draws on multiple influences—from highbrow and tattoo artistry to the surf and skate culture.

OMA West

With permanent art installations and rotating exhibits, The Seabird Ocean Resort & Spa is the top art-centric hotel in Oceanside. Consider it a culturally enriching vacation with Southern California soul. The artful immersion begins on arrival: With every turn you’ll be greeted with art and sculpture curated in partnership with Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA). Order our famous Espresso Martini and let the museum come to you. Just scan the QR code to learn about the artist. So dedicated to the pursuit, The Seabird has a satellite gallery space, OMA West, featuring rotating exhibits.  Next up? Organic Cubism, featuring four San Diego artists whose work is defined by bold geometric shapes and a mesmerizing journey of color. May 4-August 24.



Oceanside Cultural District

It’s not just the endless sunshine and rebellious surf and skate culture that provide inspiration to artists here. Oceanside has been designated one of the first 14 Cultural Districts in California. The district is home to Artist Alley, Oceanside Museum of Art, California Surf Museum, live theater, brewpubs, restaurants and culturally inspired events. There’s monthly art walks, MainStreet Oceanside’s Farmers Market and every Thursday, don’t miss the evening Sunset Market. Stroll through the streets packed with food vendors, live music and merch from local artisans. As always, the  people-watching is primo. Mark your calendar: May 3 celebrates 10 years of Oceanside Art Walk.

The Oceanside Museum of Art

The Oceanside Museum of Art is the cultural centerpiece with architectural cred. Founded in 1995, OMA pushes the boundaries when it comes to curation, ranking among the most influential regional arts museums in SoCal. Located in downtown Oceanside, with views of the ocean and the historic Oceanside Pier, it’s also heralded for its architecture. The 1934 Irving Gill building was updated by notable architect Frederick Fisher in 2005. The marriage of past and present is fitting for OMA, with its curatorial mix of the vanguard and the new guard. Never one to be pigeonholed, OMA includes light installations, paintings, sculptures, glass, and community events. Each month, Free First Sundays features fun hands-on art-making experience.



California Surf Museum

Surfers are known to get granular. About the weather. About wax. About well, everything. As such, the California Surf Museum is the perfect HQ to explore the nuances and history of the sport inexorably tied to Southern California. The permanent collection chronicles the history and fun of surfboards and wave-riding for the past 30 years, comprising one of the world’s richest troves—from the earliest boogie board and legendary surf photography to shark-bitten surfboard of Bethany Hamilton and an unrivaled collection that serves as a surfboard timeline.


The Hill Street Country Club, South Oceanside

Don’t let the name fool you. The Hill Street Country Club is not a members only club. Au contraire. It is a come-one, come-all non-profit organization dedicated to diversifying the arts and culture scene in Oceanside. The gallery space is effervescent with pop-up shops, cultural events, art workshops and poetry slams. It certainly reflects the sense of place. It’s located in South Oceanside—known locally as South ‘O—a neighborhood buzzing with restaurants, collaborative retail spaces, and youthful energy. Explore the retro bowling alley and award-winning adaptive reuse projects Freeman Collective and Tremont Collective.

Magnificent Murals of Oceanside

Art isn’t only for museums. In a town full of artists and makers, it was inevitable the entire city would become a canvas. Today, these wonder walls adorn shops, eateries, and public buildings, becoming integral to Oceanside’s identity. Book the walking tour, or download the map for a DIY experience, stopping at coffee shops and breweries along the way. Many of the murals have become Instagram famous, and have made their way onto TV shows like Animal Kingdom, which was filmed throughout Oceanside for all of its six seasons.