Duran Barr surf lessons

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About Duran Barr

North County Surf Academy Founder & Head Coach

North County Surf Academy was inspired by the endless pursuit of better surfing. A bigger wave, a more hollow barrel, an unexplored break… but also by the pure excitement seen on the face of someone catching a wave for their first time. Whether you’ve never stepped a foot in the ocean or you’re working towards your next National Surfing Title, he’ll guide you. “The surfing community has given me so much – and now I look forward to giving back by sharing my passion and knowledge with anyone willing to learn” – Duran Barr.


Surfboard and wetsuit will be delivered at the lesson spot.

Your Surf Lesson

A beginner surf lesson will start on the sand. The lesson will begin with a quick meet and greet and introduction of the instructors and guests.

Once acquainted instructors will start by getting you suited up and fitted with equipment for the lesson. After outfitting we will head to the water’s edge to begin a 10 to 15 minute beach instruction. This instruction will highlight ocean safety, equipment breakdown and beginner surfing fundamentals and techniques.

The remainder of the lesson will be spent in the water learning to surf. Instructors will be side by side in the water with a hands-on approach sharing knowledge, critiquing and helping you make adjustments to successfully catch and ride waves and enjoy an amazing surfing experience.

Additional Info

One full day notice required to sign up.

Minimum Age: 4 years old.

Lessons available to the public and resort guests.

No experience necessary.

All instructors are CPR certified.

Cancellation Policy

24 hour cancellation policy.