Kids playing in the sand

Activities for the Little Seabirds

Our team plans year-round activities for your little ones to enjoy during their vacation at The Seabird Ocean Resort & Spa. With so many fun things to do each day, your little seabirds can explore and play while learning fun facts about Oceanside, San Diego County and the sea.
Daily Craft
Monday - 1:00 PM
Tuesday - 1:00 PM
Wednesday - 1:00 PM
Thursday - 1:00 PM
Friday - 1:00 PM
Saturday - 1:00 PM

Release your inner DIYer! Join us at the O’side Beach for a fun-filled craft time with activities such as sand art, rock painting, picture frame decorating, seashell painting and more! Craft will vary by day at our recreation hosts’ discretion.
Meet at The Shelter Club, 3rd floor of The Seabird Ocean Resort & Spa.
Complimentary to hotel guests.

Wednesday | Friday | Sunday

Teddy Bear on Beach RSVP RSVP
Build Your Own Stuffed Animal
Wednesday - 3:00 PM
Friday - 3:00 PM
Sunday - 11:00 AM

Join Little Seabirds for a fun-filled workshop where you can build your next stuffed animal best friend!
Meet in The Seabird Ocean Resort & Spa Lobby.
$25 per stuffed animal, $10 per outfit.

Friday | Saturday

Kite flying on the beach RSVP RSVP
Beach Activity
Friday - 11:00 AM
Saturday - 11:00 AM

Join the fun of a different beach activity each day of the weekend! All activities will be hosted by the Recreation Team. On Fridays, enjoy sandcastle building and on Saturdays, go fly a kite!
Meet at The Beach Rambler.


tie dye shirts RSVP RSVP
Tie Dye T-Shirts
Saturday - 3:00 PM

Create your Tie Dye masterpiece! Join Little Seabirds as you tie dye design your own logo t-shirt.
Meet at The Shelter Club, 3rd floor of The Seabird Ocean Resort & Spa.
$20 per logo t-shirt.

Art Scavenger Hunt
Sunday - 1:00 PM

Go on a goose chase around The Seabird Ocean Resort & Spa fining the coolest pieces of art! Take funny photos, submit them onto our app, and download them later for great Seabird memories!
Meet in The Wood Library.