Girl overlooking the deep blue sea by the pool

Expert Summer Skincare Tips for Sun Lovers

By Suzanne Davis

Ah, summer. The season of barefoot beach strolls, rooftop cocktails, and seemingly boundless opportunities for R&R. Of course, all that summer sun, sand, and sea can also wreak havoc on your skin.


How should we live our best summertime lives while retaining the glowing, dewy skin of a Hollywood starlet’s fantasy? Number one (and this should come as no surprise): wear sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen. Using an SPF 50 daily is recommended by dermatologists all year long for preventing cancer and wrinkles, but especially in these outdoorsy months, when UV radiation intensity is highest. Be sure to re-apply after taking a dip in the pool, and consider donning the ultimate sunscreen…a hat. Visiting Oceanside and forgot to pack enough sunscreen or other beach necessities? Don’t worry. You can easily pick up summer essentials, from brand-name sunglasses to reef-safe sunscreen at The Seabird’s cool new Beach Rambler conveniently located steps away from the resort. Simply walk down the beach stairwell and you can’t miss our fully restored 1941 George T. Hall airstream. (You can also find more of our recommendations for staying cool in the sun — and being able to make the most of your beach time — here.)


For other insider tips this season, we turned to one of our expert skin saviors, Sydney Eger, a lead esthetician. She’s on staff at The Seabird Resort’s self-care mecca, Sunny’s Spa & Beauty Lounge, which overlooks the glimmering Pacific Ocean — a wellness-boosting view in and of itself. Among its top summertime spa treatments? The Sun Salutation, with its organic sea algae face and body mask, and Beach Body, a cellulite-reducing treatment that uses blueberry extract and bamboo to Baywatch effect. Of course, there are plenty of other holistic treatments for mind, body, skin, and soul on the menu


In between spa treatments, it’s important to keep up your own summer skin routine, too. Here, a few of Eger’s top summer skincare tips that you can use at home, at the beach, or wherever you roam:


Clean Up Your Act

Falling asleep without taking off your makeup is a major no-no, but in summer, it can be a downright nightmarish mistake. Given the frequent heat exposure, pros also recommend using less makeup each summer…all the better to show off your sun-kissed skin. Eger would take your cleansing routine a step further than just a few seconds of swishing with Cetaphil. “At the end of the day, do a double cleanse with an oil-based cleanser,” she says. “This breaks down sunscreen, makeup, and the dreaded ‘gunk.’”


Get Gritty With It 

Exfoliate once or twice a week to shed skin cells that aren’t doing you any favors. “When your skin starts looking dull, it’s time to sluff off the dead cells,” Eger says. “Start with exfoliating once or twice a week.” Not sure if getting granular is for you? Fret not; you’ve got options. “For sensitive skin, an enzyme mask will be your exfoliating perfect match.”


Mask Up…

…and we don’t mean that way. Summer is an ideal time to use facial-worthy skin masks. “Finding dry patches but your t-zone gets easily congested? It’s time to multi-mask,” Eger notes. “My pro pick would be using Osea’s Red Algae mask for congested areas and its White Algae mask for hydration and firming.” (Conveniently pick up the red algae mask and other popular Osea products at Sunny’s.)


Ready to soak up the Southern California sun (safely!) while also giving your summer skin a boost?