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Seasonal Self-Care Tips From a Spa Director


By Suzanne Davis

Southern California may not get the blizzards and snow days that come with the winter season in other parts of the globe, but we still have plenty of “chilly” days here. After all, when you live in SoCal year-round, even a 65-degree day can feel like sweater weather to the locals.

No matter where you call home, you may find your skin, hair, and body having a tough time adjusting to the cranked-up indoor thermostat and amped-up outdoor winds. Never fear — there are ways to cope, especially if you know who to ask. We spoke with Marissa Edwards, Spa Director of Sunny’s Spa & Beauty Lounge, to get her expert tips and advice on looking (and more importantly, feeling) gorgeous this time of year.

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What’s most important to keep in mind to feel good in fall and winter?

The number one thing to keep in mind is that beauty starts from within. “A really good sleep ritual will make all the difference in your mood, mental clarity and even digestion,” Edwards says. “Try a little ‘body mind’ bedtime nourishment by sipping golden milk turmeric tea as you guide yourself through a 10-minute meditation.” 

Indeed, studies have shown that mindfulness meditation — or breathing deeply while trying hard to stay in the current moment, rather than fretting about your bottomless to-do list — can have immeasurable health benefits, including lowering depression, insomnia, and fatigue. Not sure where to begin? Try the Headspace app, which is used by 40 million people for good reason — it helps folks lower their stress levels by 14% in a mere 10 days. Of course, sinking into a plush bed upstairs at The Seabird Resort also helps pave the way for a deep night’s sleep.


How should people change their beauty and wellness routines in cool weather?

“One simple routine change that most people forget about is switching up your cleanser, body wash and even shampoo,” Edwards says. “Our skin and hair changes along with the weather, and using products that have a little added moisture even in the cleansing stage is a key to a fall and winter routine.” 

Look for toiletries that are specifically designed to help tresses retain moisture. Some beauty pros also swear by washing your hair more infrequently in winter, but that doesn’t work for all hair types. To kick-start your coiffure’s well-hydrated regime, consider adding a hair mask self-guided enhancement to your treatments at Sunny’s Spa & Beauty Lounge (more on that below).


Any favorite products for fall that are sold at Sunny’s? Why do you love them?

“While we tend to lean more high-touch with our in-spa recommendations, for at-home care during the busy back to school and holiday seasons, we recommend more of a high-tech option with the TheraFace PRO,” Edwards says. “This handheld device combines percussive therapy, skin-toning microcurrent, and rejuvenating light therapy that reduces tension, relaxes facial and jaw muscles, and helps improve skin’s overall texture and glow.” The TheraFace PRO has microcurrent and LED Red and Infrared Light Therapy that reduces wrinkles; cold therapy to treat under-eye bags; and even a percussive massager that helps your jaw muscles relax.  Is it any wonder this gadget has gone viral on TikTok, plus has countless five star reviews?


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What are a couple of your go-to spa treatments in autumn and winter at Sunny’s?

“Hands down, my go to body/massage treatment would be our Winter SOULstice experience,” Edwards says. “This sensory experience encompasses your whole being from your head to your toes, and from your heart to your soul. It includes an exfoliating body scrub, healing wrap and full body massage with aromatherapy sound bath, breath work and special attention to your scalp, hands and feet.” And it’s just as transcendent as it sounds.


Seasonal Experiences at Sunny’s Spa

The Winter SOULstice treatment isn’t the only seasonal offering on Sunny’s Spa’s extensive service menu. Here are a few more of our favorite holiday and wintertime spa treatments to know, love, and book. ‘Tis the season!

Let It Glow Massage — Winter, schminter. This 60-minute massage will leave you looking like you’ve spent the day surfing the nearby beaches, thanks to its infusion of Soleil Toujours Gradual Self-Tanning drops for an endless summer glow.

All Is Bright Facial — This delightful facial is just what it sounds like: a 60-minute revamp designed to give you a luminous quality with firmer, brighter skin, thanks in part to its high-tech, collagen-building light therapy.

Tinsel Your Tresses — Not having a good hair season, much less a hair day? Consider this shine-enhancing treat when you get your hair done. Your stylist will use Oi’s Liquid Luster to give your mane a luxe look and then add hair tinsel for an extra dose of holiday charm. Who said trees should have all the fun?